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AI and APIs
for the App Lifecycle

AI - APIs - Data Fabric - Real-Time - Cloud Apps
Low Code - DevOps - Observability - Time Series


Application Architecture Summit


ScienceLogic, ServiceNow, Software AG, Appian, InfluxData, Progress,



Software AG Appian ScienceLogic
InfluxData Progress ServiceNow

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Expert Presentations


Building Secure, Next-Generation Applications with AI and Data Fabric

James Lee, Appian

James Lee

Senior Manager



Next-Generation Data Challenges and Solutions for Real-Time Applications

Balaji Palani, InfluxData

Balaji Palani

VP of Product Marketing



Securing Your Cloud Applications & APIs with LoadMaster

Maurice McMullin, Progress

Maurice McMullin

Product Manager



ScienceLogic AIOps & Observability for Your Applications and Infrastructure

Gavin Cohen, ScienceLogic

Gavin Cohen

VP Product

Michael Nappi, ScienceLogic

Michael Nappi

Chief Product and Engineering Officer


Low-Code Best Practices: How to Scale Citizen Development with Less Risk

Dale Dunkerley, Software AG

Dale Dunkerley

Principal Product Success Manager Creator Workflows

Paige Duffey, Software AG

Paige Duffey

Principal Product Success Manager Creator Workflow

Software AG

Tackling API Sprawl: How to Address the Growing Complexity of Your API Landscape

Przemek Kulik, Software AG

Przemek Kulik

VP of Product Management

How To Build Any Integrated App with Just 3 APIs

Subhash Ramachandran, Software AG

Tom Walne

Lead Product Manager


White Papers & Analyst Reports


Data Fabric Advantage: De-Silo Your Data for Rapid Innovation

How 12 Industry Leaders Revolutionized Their Processes

Process Automation Guide: How to Achieve End-to-End Process Excellence


Why time Series Matter for Metrics, Real-Time Analytics

Observability with InfluxDB

Edge Computing and Data Replication with InfluxDB


EMA: How to Succeed with Load Balancing in a Hybrid Multi-Cloud World

2023 Buyer’s Guide to Load Balancing Solutions

Virtual LoadMaster


Why ScienceLogic for AIOps and Observability?

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring – One Platform for Monitoring

Seismic Shifts in NetOps: The Case for Modern NetOps Tools

Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of ScienceLogic SL1 For Capgemini


Leading Practices for Citizen Development Initiatives

Launch and Scale Citizen Development on the Now Platform

Manage Application Development on the Now Platform

Get Started with ServiceNow Governance

Scale Enterprise Low Code Adoption with ServiceNow: Learning from Real-World Customers

Software AG

Generate Profit—Not Peril—with Your APIs

The State of APIs, Integration & Microservices Embedded Rapidly Delivers 'Integrated Apps'

Definitive Guide to Embedding Integrations in Your Product

iPaaS Technology Value Matrix 2023 - Nucleus Research