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Modern Application Development
for Digital Transformation

Low Code • DevOps • Microservices • Data / NoSQL
Mobile Apps • CI/CD • Cloud-Native • Kubernetes


Application Architecture Summit


Bitrise, DataStax, InfluxData, Red Hat, Software AG


All Sessions Available Now!

Software AG redhat DataStax
InfluxData Bitrise

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Expert Presentations


Codeless Automation Testing Tools for Mobile - What and Why?

Mike Hulme, Datastax

Leilah Squires

Developer Advocate



Real-time Apps and Data, Build Fast, Scale Without Limits

Mike Hulme, Datastax

Mike Hulme

Vice President, Marketing



Time Series DB:
Should I Use One in My Application Architecture?

Madhu Vulpala, Outsystems

Gary Fowler

Product Manager



Goodbye Batch Data Processing, Hello Kafka

Ann Marie Bond, Software AG

Jennifer Vargas

Principal Product Marketing Manager


Software AG

A Pragmatic Approach to API-First Integration

Paul Turner<,

Jiri De Jagere

Sr. Director Product Strategy


White Papers & Analyst Reports


Why Security and DevSecOps are Essential to Mobile Success

5 Main Benefits of Switching from Jenkins to Cloud CI


Build Your Applications on the Open Data Stack

IDC: Combining Scalable Database Technologies to Achieve Operational Flexibility and Analytic Power

Working and Winning with Kubernetes and Cassandra: 3 Key Insights


Why Time Series Matters for Metrics, Real Time Analytics and Sensor Data

Tools & Integrations with InfluxDB

Edge Computing and Data Replication with InfluxDB


When To Choose Kafka versus Traditional Messaging Technologies

Three Paths To Delivering A Successful EDA

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management Recognized as Top App Modernization Solution

6 Considerations for Choosing the Right Kubernetes Platform

Cloud-Native Meets Hybrid Cloud: A Strategy Guide

Software AG

The State of APIs, Integration & Microservices

How To Transform Your Business with APIs, Integration & Microservices