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2022 TRENDS:

Enterprise Architecture

APIs, Microservices, Enterprise Architecture, Event-Driven, Security, Hybrid & Low Code Integration

 Title: Enterprise Integration Summit
 Speakers: Boomi, SnapLogic, Informatica, Software AG, DataStax
 Date: All Sessions Available
Software AG SnapLogic Boomi
DataStax Informatica

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Expert Presentations


Modernize Your Legacy Integration

Bruce Tierney, Boomi

Bruce Tierney

Product Team, Intelligent Connectivity and Automation



Advantages of Integrating Applications with Cloud Data Services

Mark Stone, DataStax

Mark Stone

Product Manager



Best Practices to Optimize Data Integration Cost

Vivin Nath, Informatica

Vivin Nath

Director of Product Management



Cure Data Architecture Complexity

Dhananjay Bapat, SnapLogic

Dhananjay Bapat

Senior Product Marketing Manager


Software AG

Innovate and Differentiate in the Cloud with Integration

John Carter, Software AG

John Carter

Product Manager Integration & Microservice Runtime


White Papers & Analyst Reports


Simplifying API-led Connectivity with a Modern Integration Platform

7 Warning Signs it's Time to Modernize Your Legacy Middleware

Boomi AtomSphere Platform


Stop Using DataBases - 3 Keys To Letting Go of the Tyranny of Databases

Choosing the Best Data Stack

How Fast-Growing Companies Can Compete and Win with All Their Data

Stream of Consciousness – The Next Generation of Intelligent Data Apps


Informatica Cloud Data Integration

Faster, Simpler, More Cost-Effective Cloud Data Integration for Analytics

Modernizing Your Cloud Data Warehouse and Data Lake

Informatica’s Cost Optimization Engine for High-Performance Data Management

5 Reasons To Go Serverless to Achieve Your Cloud Data Integration Needs


SnapLogic Company Overview

SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform

SnapLogic AutoSync: Synchronize Your Data in Minutes

SnapLogic API Management: Click-not-Code API Strategy

SnapLogic IIP Performance: Move, Transform Data at Scale with Speed

Software AG

The State of APIs, Integration & Microservices 2022

Case Studies of Business Transformation with Integration