Intelligent Data Summit
An Online Conference

February 24

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2022 TRENDS:

Machine Learning

AI • Machine Learning • Analytics • MDM • IoT • Time Series
Edge Computing • Single Source of Truth
• External Data

Title: Intelligent Data Summit
Speakers: ChaosSearch, InfluxData, DataStax, Kove,


ChaosSearch DataStax InfluxData Kove Explorium


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Expert Presentations

Thomas Hazel, ChaosSearch

Thomas Hazel
CTO and Founder


Activating Your Data Lake to Deliver Insights

Bryan Kirschner, DataStax

Bryan Kirschner
Vice President Strategy


Real Time Gets Real:
How to Win the "Data Decade"


Ajay Khanna, Explorium

Ajay Khanna


Generate, Enrich, Predict with the Most Relevant External Data


Bharat Bhat, InfluxData

Bharat Bhat
Product Marketing

Michael Hall, InfluxData

Michael Hall
Developer Relations


Build Better IoT with Time Series


John Overton, Kove

John Overton
Founder & CEO


Software-Defined Memory
Memory Virtualization for AI/ML


White Papers & Analyst Reports


2022 Cloud Data & Analytics Survey Report - Costs of Data Lakes Built on Dated Infrastructure

Beyond Observability - The Hidden Value of Log Analytics

Business Case for Switching from ELK

Log Analytics for CloudOps - Making Cloud Ops Stable & Agile

ChaosSearch Data Lake Platform


State of the Data Race - How Leading Enterprises Win with Data

451 Research: DataStax Goes Global with Multi-Region Support for Astra Serverless

The State of NoSQL - Winning the Data Race


Why External Data Needs to Be Part of Your Data & Analytics Strategy

External Data Platforms as Part of the Modern Data Stack

Strategy Guide to Implement an External Data Platform

Explorium External Data Platform Datasheet

Explorium Helps Melio Payments Improve Conversion Rates & Streamline Operations


Discover More about Time Series Platforms: Why Time Series Matters

Stream Processing with InfluxDB

Moving to a Modern Data Architecture


Kove External Memory – Turn Existing Servers into Software-Defined Memory

Machine Learning: Kove Software-Defined Memory