Enterprise Integration Summit
A Virtual Summit
August 26, 2021

All Sessions Available

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2021 TRENDS:

Enterprise Architecture

APIs, Microservices, Event-Driven, Enterprise Architecture, Security, Hybrid & Low Code Integration

 Title: Enterprise Integration Summit
 Speakers: OutSystems, Denodo, InfluxData, ScienceLogic, Okta, CData, Appian
 Date: All Sessions Now Available


OutSystems Appian ScienceLogic Okta
CData Denodo InfluxData


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Expert Presentations

Hugo Fragoso, OutSystems

Hugo Fragoso
Solution Architect Manager

Arjan Waardenburg, OutSystems

Arjan Waardenburg
Lead Solution Architect


Head-to-Head: Monolith vs. Microservices


Malcolm Ross, Appian

Malcolm Ross
Vice President, Product Strategy / Deputy CTO


Transforming Data Integration Using Low-code


Ravi Shankar, Denodot

Ravi Shankar


Physical or Logical Data Fabric:
Which One is the Intelligent Option for Modern Enterprise Data Management?


Aaron Parecki, Okta

Aaron Parecki
Sr Security Architect
Developer Advocate


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About OAuth and Open ID Connect


Leslie Minnix-Wolfe, ScienceLogic

Leslie Minnix-Wolfe
VP of Product Marketing, ScienceLogic

Jeremy Sherwood, Opus:Interactive

Jeremy Sherwood
VP of Product, Opus:Interactive


How To Reduce the Demands on Operations Teams to Satisfy Security & Compliance Audits


Jerod Johnson, CData

Jerod Johnson
Technology Evangelist

Matt Springfield, CData

Matt Springfield
Technical Marketing Lead


Data Connectivity: The Crux of Digital Transformation
Why Solving Data Fragmentation is the Missing Link

Ben Young, vBridge

Ben Young
Head of Cloud Products, VBridge


How to Gain Real-Time Visibility into Your IaaS with vBridge, InfluxDB and Grafana


White Papers & Analyst Reports


Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP)

A CXO's Guide - Keep AppDev Moving as Fast as Your Business

Appian Low-Code Automation Platform


SQL Abstraction for NoSQL Databases

Live Data Integration vs Data Replication

Modern Data Strategies for the Real-Time Era


Data Virtualization for Dummies

TDWI Checklist Report - Six Critical Capabilities of a Logical Data Fabric

TDWI Best Practices: Building the Unified Data Warehouse and Data Lake


Discover More about Time Series Databases

InfluxDB Tools and Integrations

Faster Innovation and Digital Transformation with InfluxDB Cloud on Google Cloud

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Using a Time Series Platform


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About OAuth and Open ID Connect


The Growing Threat of Technical Debt

The Reality of Technical Debt - an IT Leader's Perspective


Forrester Wave™: Artificial Intelligence For IT Operations, Q4 2020

ScienceLogic: Your Safe Route to Intelligent Automated Ops