Cloud Architecture


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June 10

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2021 TRENDS:

Cloud Architecture

Kubernetes • Microservices & APIs • Cloud Security • APM
Hybrid Integration • iPaaS • Machine Learning • Cloud-Native


Cloud Architecture Summit


Red Hat, Software AG, Outsystems, DataStax, InfluxData, Jitterbit


All Sessions Now Available


Red Hat Software AG OutSystems
Data Stax Jitterbit InfluxData


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Expert Presentations

Bhavani Rao, DataStax

Bhavani Rao
Director of Product Marketing

Data Stax

Why Your Next App Should Be on Cassandra


John Gleeson - Storj, InfluxData

John Gleeson
COO, Storj


Expanding Cloud Architecture Options with Decentralized Cloud Storage

Shekar Hariharan, Jitterbit

Shekar Hariharan
VP of Marketing

Elina Shaknovsky, Jitterbit

Elina Shaknovsky
Sr Sales Engineer


How To Build A Cohesive Integration Strategy


Forsyth Alexander, OutSystems

Forsyth Alexander
Senior Product Evangelist

Mike Josephson, OutSystems

Mike Josephson
Solution Architect


Use AI in the Cloud to Fix Code – Before It Breaks


Ben Cohen, Red Hat

Ben Cohen
Sr Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Platforms

Red Hat

Flexible Footprints:
The Intersection of Edge Computing and Containers


Michael Durham, Software AG

Michael Durham
Solutions Engineer

Software AG

Accelerate Your API Maturity With Software AG webMethods APIM


White Papers & Analyst Reports


Serverless NoSQL Database - Efficiencies and Cost Savings

Modern Data Framework

451 Research: Benefits of Migrating Your Database to the Cloud

The New Stack: State of the Kubernetes Ecosystem

dbInsights: DataStax Astra - A Quick Guide to Key Features


Why Time Series Matters for Metrics, Real-Time Analytics and Sensor Data

Faster Innovation with InfluxDB Cloud on Google Cloud

How Mulesoft Gave Users Visibility and Control using InfluxDB Cloud


API Transformation Customer Success

Unleash the Transformative Power of APIs and Integration

Jitterbit Overview - Unleash the Transformative Power of APIs and Integration

Jitterbit API Manager - Accelerate Innovation


Handling Technical Debt with OutSystems

Why IT Struggles with Innovation - and What to Do About It

Red Hat

Four Key Benefits of Edge Computing

A Layered Approach to Container and Kubernetes Security

Boost Security, Flexibility, and Scale at the Edge

Boost Hybrid Cloud Security

Software AG

Innovate with API & Microservices

Forrester: API Insecurity - The Lurking Threat in Your Software

Annual APIs & Integration Report - 2021