Cloud Architecture


An Online Conference

January 21

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2021 TRENDS:

Cloud Architecture

Hybrid Integration • Microservices & APIs • iPaaS • APM
Kubernetes • Machine Learning • Cloud Security
• Cloud-Native


Cloud Architecture Summit


Okta, InfluxData, Teleport, Venafi, SingleStore, DataStax, Boomi




Okta InfluxData Teleport Boomi
Venafi SingleStore DataStax  


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Expert Presentations

Sean P Collins, Boomi

Sean P Collins
Director, Product Management


Democratization of Data to Meet the Speed of Business


Paras Mehra, DataStax

Paras Mehra
Product Manager Enterprise


Building Modern Data Apps on the Cloud The Journey To Serverless


Chris Psaltis, InfluxData

Chris Psaltis
CEO, Co-Founder,


Telegraf and InfluxDB at
Gain Visibility into Containers, VMs and Multi-Cloud Environments

Keith Casey, Okta

Keith Casey
API Problem Solver


Building an Effective API Security Strategy When Failure Looks Like Success


Micah Bhakti, SingleStore

Micah Bhakti
Director of Product Management


Real-Time Analytics in the Cloud


Myles F. Suer, Boomi

Steven Martin
Solutions Engineer


Managing SSH, Kubernetes, and Application Access with Teleport Cloud


Michael Thelander, Venafi

Michael Thelander
Dir Product Marketing

Dave Brancato, Venafi

Dave Brancato
Director of Technical Marketing Engineer


Hybrid (Without the Heroics)
Managing Machine Identities Across Hybrid Cloud Environments

White Papers & Analyst Reports


Boomi AtomSphere - Seamlessly Connect Applications, Data and People

Five Critical Characteristics of an Integration Cloud

Exploring Data Integration Patterns


DataStax Astra Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Apache Cassandra Architecture

Architects Guide to NoSQL

Application Modernization with a Cloud Native Data Platform

Modernizing with NoSQL from Relational Data Platforms


Learn More about Time Series Data and InfluxDB

Learn More about InfluxDB Cloud on Google Cloud

Start using InfluxDB for Application Performance Monitoring


API Security from Concepts to Components


SingleStore DB Software - Cloud-Native Operational Database

SingleStore DBA-as-a-Service - Let SingleStore Management Your Deployments

SingleStore Managed Service - On-Demand, Elastic Cloud Database

SingleStore Real-Time Analytics for High Tech

SingleStore Real-Time Analytics for Financial Services


Patterns & Anti-Patterns for Zero Trust Access Management

Industry Best Practices for SSH Access - Why & How to Secure SSH


Tales of 3 Clouds: How Venafi Helps Organizations with Digital Transformation

SSH Risk Assessment - Get an Accurate View of Enterprise SSH Risks

Machine Identities Drive Rapid Expansion of Enterprise Attack Surface