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2020 TRENDS:

Intelligent Data

AI • Machine Learning • Analytics • MDM • IoT • Time Series
AIOps • Edge Computing • Privacy • Single Source of Truth

Title: Intelligent Data Summit
Speakers: Red Hat, Software AG, InfluxData, ScienceLogic, Cloudera, Reltio, Immuta,, MemSQL

 All Sessions are Available

Red Hat Software AG InfluxData
ScienceLogic Cloudera Reltio
memSQL Immuta  


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Expert Presentations

Santiago Giraldo, Cloudera

Santiago Giraldo
Senior Manager,
Product Marketing,
Machine Learning
& Data Engineering


Delivering Actionable ML Models to Decision Makers


Ellen Friedman, PhD,

Ellen Friedman, PhD
Technical Evangelist,

Practical Advice: How to Make AI Part of Your Future


Sumit Sarkar, Immuta

Sumit Sarkar
Senior Director of Product Marketing


How to Build a Legal & Ethical Data Analytics Platform

Nate Isley, InfluxData

Nate Isley
Senior Director of
Product Management


Making the Most of Time Series with InfluxDB and Templates


Domenic Ravita, MemSQL

Domenic Ravita
Field Chief Technology Officer


Accelerate Insights with MemSQL


Abhinav Joshi, Red Hat

Abhinav Joshi
Sr Manager, OpenShift Product Marketing

Red Hat

Fast Track AI - From Pilot to Production with a Kubernetes-Powered Platform


Ajay Khanna, Reltio

Ajay Khanna
Vice President, Marketing


Aligning IT & Business Strategy: Connected Customers & Responsive Data


Russ Elsner, ScienceLogic

Russ Elsner
Sr Director, Application Management Strategy

Leslie Minnix Wolfe, ScienceLogic

Leslie Minnix Wolfe
Senior Director
Product Marketing


Avoid Service Outages with AIOps

Jon Weiss, Software AG

Jon Weiss
Vice President,
Emerging Technologies

Mirza Salihagic, Software AG

Mirza Salihagic
Senior Manager,
Product Marketing

Software AG

Tackling One of IoT's Largest Challenges: Integration

White Papers & Analyst Reports


10 Steps to Making ML Operational

Reaching the Full Potential of Production Machine Learning (with Forrester)

Interpretability 2020 - Fast Forward Research Report

451 Research: Cloudera Illuminates its ML Strategy

3 Ways to Achieve Machine Learning Excellence

8 Key Considerations for AI in the Enterprise - An AI Strategy To Deliver Value from Data

451 Research: Overcoming Obstacles To Machine Learning Adoption

An Introduction to Machine Learning Interpretability (H2O & O'Reilly)

Explaining Explainable AI - Elicit Trust and Understanding from AI

Machine Learning for All: The Democratizing of a Technology


Gartner: Data and Analytics Leaders Must Use Adaptive Governance in Digital Business

The Layers of Trust - The Intersection of Privacy and Security

Automated Data Governance 101 - Privacy, Security, and Compliance


Why Time Series Matters for Metrics, Real-Time Analytics and Sensor Data

Monitoring Kubernetes at Scale and HA with InfluxDB

Application Performance Monitoring Using Influx Time Series Platform

InfluxDB Cloud on Google Cloud - Faster Innovation and Digital Transformation

Metric as a Service Model with InfluxDB


DZone: Cloud Database Trend Report

O'Reilly - The Rise of Operational Analytics

Red Hat

Data-intensive Intelligent Applications in a Hybrid Cloud Blueprint

Top Considerations for Building a Production-Ready AI/ML Environment

Integration and Business Automation by the Numbers


How Modern Data Platforms Power Customer Data Platforms

Legacy MDM vs Connected Customer 360

Moving Beyond MDM - 6 Steps To Connected Customer Data


AIOps - A Guide to Operational Readiness

Unlock the Power of AIOps - From Vision to Reality

What's New in ScienceLogic SL1 Colosseum

Software AG

Why IoT Needs Integration To Fulfil Its Promise

IoT Customer Success - Connect, Combine, and Conquer