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Modern Application Development
for Digital Transformation

Low Code • DevOps • Microservices & APIs • Time Series
Enterprise Java • APM • Cloud Native • Kubernetes


Application Architecture Summit


Red Hat, Software AG, InfluxData, OutSystems, JFrog, Temenos,
Kintone, Lightstep



Red Hat InfluxData Outsystems Kintone
JFrog Software AG Temenos LightStep


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Expert Presentations

Al Sargent, InfluxData

Al Sargent
Sr. Director, Product Marketing


Why You Should NOT Use a Relational Database for Time-Series Data


Baruch Sadogursky, JFrog

Baruch Sadogursky
Head of Developer Advocacy


DevOps Patterns & Antipatterns for Continuous Software Updates
"What can possibly go wrong?!"

Stephanie Baum, Lightstep

Stephanie Baum
Software Engineer


Cracking the Case: How to Migrate from Monoliths to Microservices


James Falkner, Red Hat

James Falkner
Red Hat Runtimes Product Marketing Director

Red Hat

Kubernetes Native Java: Supersonic, Subatomic Java with Quarkus


Ann Marie Bond, Software AG

Ann Marie Bond
Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Software AG

Building Cloud-Native Apps with Microservices


Matt Trevathan, Temenos

Matt Trevathan
VP Product, Temenos Quantum Platform


Quantum Platform & Business Process Automation


Dave Landa, Kintone

Dave Landa

Nim Grinvald, Kintone

Nim Grinvald
Technology Evangelist


Kintone: The No-Code Platform Remote Workers & IT Teams Trust

Forsyth Alexander, Outsystems

Forsyth Alexander
Senior Product Evangelist

Mike Josephson, Outsystems

Mike Josephson
Solution Architect


Use Low-Code to Architect Applications for Greater Business Agility and Efficiency

White Papers & Analyst Reports


Why Time Series Matters for Metrics, Real-Time Analytics and Sensor Data

Comcast Turns Cloud Metrics into Results Using InfluxData

Monitoring Kubernetes at Scale and HA with InfluxDB

Application Performance Monitoring Using Influx Time Series Platform

5 Reasons To Think Beyond SaaS Monitoring Solutions


JFrog Product Book

JFrog Platform - End-to-End Platform for Global Development

JFrog: Taking My DevOps to the Cloud – Selecting a Binary Repository Solution

JFrog Cloud Platform

JFrog Pipelines


How Kintone Delivers Easy Task-Driven Workflow

3 Pillars: We're All Software Developers Now


The Complete Guide to Observability

Lightstep Features - Delivering on Promises of Unified Observability

How Lightstep Works - Analyze 100% of Your Transactions


Make Your Business More Agile And Efficient With Low-Code

How To Accelerate Brilliant Digital Experiences With Low-Code

Transform Your Business Now! How To Launch A Low-Code Digital Factory

Red Hat

Best Practices for Migrating to Containerized Applications

Hands On: Enterprise Java Microservices with Eclipse MicroProfile

Deploy Anywhere with Red Hat Runtimes

A Platform for Modernizing Java Applications

Developing Apps in Containers: 5 Topics To Discuss with Your Team

Software AG

webMethods AppMesh - Adding Application Context to Your Microservices

Transform Faster To Accelerate Innovation & Make Business More Agile

Rethink the Fundamentals of Integration


Temenos Quantum Low Code Platform

Quantum for Field Service

Amway Fuels Gig Economy Through Digital Disruption with Quantum

ENGIE Leads Energy Industry Transformation with Quantum's Digital Factory