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2020 TRENDS:

Enterprise Architecture

Microservices, Event-Driven, Hybrid & Low Code Integration

 Title:  Enterprise Integration Summit
 Speakers:  IBM, Software AG, Progress, Actian, Appian, Dell Boomi,
 InfluxData, Red Hat, Talend

IBM Appian Actian
Progress Dell Boomi InfluxData
Talend Software AG Red Hat


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Expert Presentations

Emma McGrattan, Actian

Emma McGrattan
SVP Engineering


Faster Insights from Fast Data


Malcolm Ross, Appian

Malcolm Ross
VP, Product Strategy


Idea to Automation, Faster

Ken Parmelee, IBM

Ken Parmelee
Dir. of Cloud Pak for Integration


Cloud Pak for Integration
Helping you Transform to Drive Innovation


Balaji Palani, InfluxData

Balaji Palani
Director of Product Management


Zero to Hero!
Send, Query and Analyze Your Time Series Data with InfluxDB Cloud 2 in an Afternoon


James Goodfellow, Progress

James Goodfellow
Senior Product Marketing Manager


Connect Any Application to Any API With No Code


David Codelli, Red Hat

David Codelli
Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager

Red Hat

Event-Driven Architecture
Getting Started with Event-Driven Architecture using Apache Kafka


Dave Pemberton, Software AG

Dave Pemberton
Product Manager, webMethods.io Integration

Software AG

The Fastest Way to Integrate Apps in the Cloud


Nick Piette, Talend

Nick Piette
Director, Product Marketing


Data Driven Decomposition


Ranjana Haridas, Dell Boomi

Ranjana Haridas
Principal Product Marketing Manager

Mike Bachman, Dell Boomi

Mike Bachman
Global Architect & Principal Technologist, Office of the CTO

Dell Boomi

Application and Data Patterns in the Multi-Cloud Era

White Papers & Analyst Reports


Actian Avalanche - Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse

Actian Avalanche Connect - Pre-built Connectivity from 100s of Data Sources to Actian Avalanche

Actian Avalanche Intelligent Federated Query

Actian Avalanche Cloud Data Warehouse


IDC: Business Value of Low-Code Development and Intelligent Process Automation with Appian

Integrating Appian with Salesforce

Integrating Appian with SAP

Integrating Appian with SharePoint

Low-Code Guide - Everything You Need To Succeed in Your Low-Code Development Journey

Appian RPA - A Key Capability in Your Automation Toolbox

Dell Boomi

Boomi AtomSphere Platform - Seamlessly Connect Applications, Data and People

Five Critical Characteristics of an Integration Cloud

American Cancer Society Leverages Boomi to Serve 30,000 Patients Yearly

Exploring Data Integration Patterns


IBM Modern Integration

IBM Agile Integration: Container-based, Microservices-aligned Lightweight Integration


Why Time Series Matters for Metrics, Real-Time Analytics and Sensor Data

Comcast Turns Cloud Metrics into Results Using InfluxData

Monitoring Kubernetes at Scale and HA with InfluxDB

Application Performance Monitoring Using InfluxDB Time Series Platform

5 Reasons To Think Beyond SaaS Monitoring Solutions


Accelerate Your Cloud Data Warehouse Productivity with Progress DataDirect

Connect Any Application to Any REST API - Quickly and Without Coding

Getting Ahead of the Hybrid Data Curve

Red Hat

The Path to Cloud-Native Applications - 8 Steps To Guide Your Journey

O'Reilly's Kubernetes Operators: Automating the Container Orchestration Platform

Developing Apps in Containers: 5 Topics to Discuss with Your Team

Enterprise Java Microservices with Eclipse MicroProfile

Teaching an Elephant to Dance - Intentional Evolution across Teams, Processes, and Applications

Software AG

Transform Faster To Accelerate Innovation with Integration

Rethink the Fundamentals of Integration – Integrate To Innovate


Talend Data Fabric - Trusted Data At Speed with an End-to-End Solution

Talend Cloud API Services - Comprehensive API and Integration Platform

Talend Data Quality - Produce Clean, Reliable Data

Talend Cloud - Easily Integrate All Your Data & Users