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Get Ready for Disruption in 2020

Data-Driven Enterprise & 
Machine Learning Trends

AI • Machine Learning • Analytics • MDM • IoT • Time Series
Autonomous Database • AIOps • Edge Computing • Privacy

Title: Intelligent Data Summit
Speakers: Oracle, ScienceLogic, InfluxData, Red Hat,, Software AG, Dell Boomi

Oracle Software AG ScienceLogic InfluxData
  Red Hat Dell Boomi  

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Expert Presentations

Rafael Coss,

Rafael Coss
Director of Technical Marketing

An Introduction to Machine Learning for All of Us
A Beginners Guide to Automatic Machine Learning

Ajay Natarajan, Dell Boomi

Ajay Natarajan
Principal Enterprise Architect

Dell Boomi

Boomi Master Data Hub
Intelligent Data Network


Samantha Wang, InfluxData

Samantha Wang
Product Manager


Act on Time!
How to Create Meaningful Dashboards, Alerts, and Thresholds to Keep Your Systems Up


George Lumpkin, Oracle

George Lumpkin
VP, Product Management


Oracle Autonomous Database


Phil Simpson, Red Hat

Phil Simpson
Senior Director of Product Management

Red Hat

Putting Data to Work
Foundational Technologies for the Data-Driven Businesss


Jonathan Weiss, Software AG

Jonathan Weiss
Vice President, Emerging Technologies

Software AG

Making Decisions
Where they Matter Most

Leveraging the Edge in Your Connected Enterprise


Vidhi Bhansali, ScienceLogic

Vidhi Bhansali
Director of Product Marketing

John Willsey, SciencLogic

John Willsey
Principal Solutions Architect


Beyond Service Visibility
Actionable Service Awareness for all IT Stakeholders

White Papers & Analyst Reports

Dell Boomi

Boomi Integration - Connect Apps and Data With Speed and Ease

Boomi Master Data Hub - Build, Synchronize and Enrich Enterprise Data

8 Key Considerations for AI in the Enterprise - An AI Strategy To Deliver Value from Data

451 Research: Overcoming Obstacles To Machine Learning Adoption

An Introduction to Machine Learning Interpretability ( & O'Reilly)

Explaining Explainable AI - Elicit Trust and Understanding from AI

Machine Learning for All: The Democratizing of a Technology


Why Time Series Matters for Metrics, Real-Time Analytics and Sensor Data

Taking DevOps Monitoring to the Next Level - 5-Step Guide

Monitoring Kubernetes at Scale and HA with InfluxDB

Stream Processing with InfluxDB - An Introduction


Oracle Autonomous Database Strategy

Oracle Stories from the Cloud (incl. Autonomous Database)

Autonomous Database for Dummies

Red Hat

Red Hat Process Automation Manager

451 Research: AI Intelligent Automation - AI in Automating Processes and Decisions

Application Development in the Age of Business Automation


Forrester Wave™: Intelligent Application And Service Monitoring

Your Guide to Getting Started with AIOps - ITOps to AIOps Transformation

Get the Most Out of Your CMDB Investment - Integrating ScienceLogic with ServiceNow

Software AG

Forrester Wave™: Streaming Analytics (Q3 2019)

Machnation Rates Software AG a Leading Vendor in IoT Edge Scorecard

Cumulocity IoT Platform - Overview

Software AG Portfolio - IoT, Integration, More