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2020 TRENDS:

Cloud Architecture

Microservices & APIs • Hybrid Integration • Cloud-First Security
iPaaS • Data Warehouse • Distributed Tracing • Kubernetes Pipelines

 Title: Cloud Architecture Summit
 Sponsors: Red Hat, Actian, Okta, InfluxData, Software AG, LightStep

Red Hat LightStep Software AG InfluxData
  Okta Actian  


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Expert Presentations


Russ Savage, InfluxData

Russ Savage
Product Manager


How to Build a Monitoring Application in 20 Minutes


Austin Parker, LightStep

Austin Parker
Principal Developer Advocate


Why Human-Centric Observability Matters for Microservices


Swaroop Sham, Okta

Swaroop Sham
Senior Product Marketing Manager - Security


Passwordless Authentication


Brian Gracely, Red Hat

Brian Gracely
Sr. Director Product Strategy - OpenShift

Red Hat

Cloud-native Development in a Hybrid Business World


Przemek Kulik, Software AG

Przemek Kulik
Senior Director of Product Management

Software AG

App Mesh - API Awareness in Microservices Architectures


Greg Coates, Actian

Greg Coates
Director of Product Management for Data Integration

Pradeep Bhanot, Actian

Pradeep Bhanot
Director Product Marketing, Analytics


Orchestrating the Flow of Data

White Papers & Analyst Reports


Why Time Series Matters for Metrics, Real-Time Analytics and Sensor Data

Taking DevOps Monitoring to the Next Level - 5-Step Guide

Monitoring Kubernetes at Scale and HA with InfluxDB

Stream Processing with InfluxDB - An Introduction


5 Key Reasons to Consider a Hybrid Integration Platform

Actian Avalanche Cloud Data Warehouse

Actian DataConnect - Integrate Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

Top 10 Use Cases for iPaaS - Integration-Platform as-a-Service

Actian DataConnect Integration Manager Data Sheet

Hand Coding vs Data Integration Tools - Which Should You Choose?


Ensuring Success with Kubernetes: Best Practices For Growing Teams

The Complete Guide to Distributed Tracing

The Power of Platform Teams: Driving Developer Effectiveness Across the Organization


Okta Passwordless Authentication

How WebAuthn Works

Move Beyond Passwords

Red Hat

Building Apps in Containers: 5 Things To Share

Building Modern Apps with Linux Containers

Developing Apps in Containers: 5 Topics

Forrester TEI: Red Hat Consulting Container Adoption Program

The Path To Cloud-Native Apps - 8 Steps To Guide Your Journey

Software AG

webMethods Microgateways - Secure Microservices Across Distributed Architectures

Forrester Wave: API Management Solutions

Forrester Wave: Operational Intelligence for B2B Integration

Forrester Wave: Strategic iPaaS for Citizen Integration