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The SOA Summit will show how today's advanced SOA technologies and Best Practices enables IT professionals to 'automatically' provide business with crucial visibility, information and control. Topics will span architecture design, deployment and operations and will include…

  • How to use SOA to federate stand-alone departmental and ESB silos.
  • How SOA can 'automatically' improve end-to-end visibility and responsiveness.
  • How to massively scale SOA for extreme high-traffic, high-bandwidth applications.
  • How cloud architectures and deployments are affected by on-premise SOA. 
  • How SOA frameworks are making BPM, BRMS, BI projects more productive. 
  • How 'Intelligent ESBs' help organizations react in real-time.
  • What SOA 'Best Practices' today offer the best ways to improve existing SOA deployments, at little cost.