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Archives Now Available - Download Slides
Business Intelligence & Analytics 
For the Responsive Enterprise 

BI-EDGE 2011 -
An Online Conference


IBM Cognos, SAS Institute, Pentaho and Kapow Software

Archives Now Available 

Attend Online and Learn

  • Easier and less costly to configure and deploy
  • Simpler for non-business analysts/BI specialists to use
  • Moving beyond "as-is" data to provide predictive analysis
  • Offering customizable and interactive reports/Web 2.0 displays
  • Quickly integrate varied data sources (on-premise, ETL, cloud)
  • Affordable and intuitive "Big data" analytics solutions
Expert Speakers
Dan Galt
Product Marketing Mgr
IBM Business Analytics
Malene Haxholdt
SAS Institute
Business Analytics
Product Marketing Mgr
Stefan Andreasen
Kapow Software
Founder and CTO
Joe Nicholson
VP Product Marketing