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Cloud Architecture Trends

Agile Apps, Integration & Insights with
Cloud-Native, Multi-Cloud, Microservices, and More

 Title:  Cloud Architecture Summit
 Speakers:  IBM, Red Hat, Progress, Software AG, Micro Focus, Okta, InfluxData

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Expert Presentations

IBM MicroFocus Software AG Red Hat
Progress InfluxData Okta
Ken Parmelee, IBM

The Integration Modernization Journey

Ken Parmelee - Business Unit Executive for Cloud Integration


Today's cloud architecture is creating a huge opportunity to grow profits and spur new innovation. Learn why IBM says cloud success relies on modernizing your integration to allow legacy resources to combine with your hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and cloud-native investments.

Navdeep Sidhu, InfluxData

3 Reasons Why Your Cloud Architecture Should Include a Time Series Platform

Navdeep Sidhu - Head of Product Marketing


New-gen cloud and cloud-native projects need modern monitoring -- that can offer deeper granular metrics and real-time insights. Enter Time Series data. In this session, learn how time series works, get a tour - and even download a free open source version.

Neil Miles, Micro Focus

Hybrid Cloud Management:
Achieve New Levels of Flexible Multi-Cloud Resource Automation

Neil Miles - Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Hybrid Cloud Management

Micro Focus

The rapid adoption of clouds (especially hybrid and multi-cloud) can strain a company's current management solution. This session shows how Micro Focus uses abstraction and automation to provide more responsive and flexible ways to manage clouds.

Swaroop Sham, Okta

No Passwords, No Problem:
Using WebAuthn To Stop Account Takeover for Browsers

Swaroop Sham - Sr. Product Marketing Manager Customer Identity


Cloud has intensified the debate over the effectiveness of passwords - especially to avoid account takeover. Explore the new WebAuthn authentication, how it protects against such attacks, and why it is now a major focus for cloud-focused firms.

TJ VanToll, Progress

Introducing Progress Kinvey

TJ VanToll - Principal Developer Advocate


Cloud-native apps offer great rewards - but can present a rough road. Explore how Progress Kinvey simplifies ways to adopt serverless, improve DevOps, speed provisioning and even add AI and chatbots. All without developers losing control.

Manfred Bortenschlager, Red Hat

Cloud Native Application Integration:
The Key Ingredients of Future-proof Hybrid Integration Platforms

Manfred Bortenschlager - Agile Integration Business Development EMEA

Red Hat

Cloud-native, containers, and microservices have led to a growing demand for more granular ways to build cloud apps. Learn how Red Hat helps cloud developers leverage hybrid integration - with a mix of APIs, events, messaging and streaming -- to quickly deliver future-proof apps.

Mike Durham, Software AG

The Power of a Unified Platform for Hybrid Integration, API Management & B2B

Mike Durham - Sr. Director, Architecture Integration Practice

Software AG

Multi-cloud and hybrid integration are hyper-critical today. See how Software AG's unified platform supports multiple cloud professionals: Developers to easily work with APis. IT Ops to ensure cloud scale and throughput. And, integrators working with on SaaS and B2B.

White Papers & Analyst Reports


IBM Cloud Integration Platform - Modernize Your Integration Solutions

IBM's Agile Integration Architecture

Agile Integration Architecture for a Container-based and Microservices-aligned Enterprise


How Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Gets Real Time Views into AWS

Securing Cloud-Native Workloads with Aporeto and InfluxData

Tapping into Real Time Sensor Data with InfluxData

Taking DevOps Monitoring to the Next Level with a Time Series Database

Architecting for IoT: The Need for an IoT Data Platform


Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management for DevOps, Hybrid & Multi-Clouds

Devops-Driven Cloud Management Drives Business Agility

Hybrid Cloud Management: Transforming Hybrid Cloud Delivery

Nationwide Mutual Turns to Micro Focus for Cloud Initiatives

Cloud Service Lifecycle - Service Monitoring


The Anatomy of Account Takeover Attacks

Okta's Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Deployment Guide

How Adaptive MFA Helps Mitigate Brute Force Attacks

4 Myths About Credential Phishing You Can’t Ignore

How Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication Protects Against Fraud & Account Takeovers


The Business Value of Progress Kinvey - Focus on Innovation Rather than Infrastructure

Application & Infrastructure Security Controls on the Kinvey Platform

Red Hat

APIs: The New Language of Business Collaboration

The API Owner's Manual - Best Practices of Successful API Teams

Agile Integration: The Blueprint for Enterprise Architecture

Software AG

6 Reasons Why Enterprise-Grade Integration Is Not Donkey Work

API MicroGateway: Easily Secure Microservices Across Your Architecture

The Forrester Wave™: Strategic iPaaS And Hybrid Integration Platforms

The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions

The Forrester Wave™: Operational Intelligence For B2B Integration