Ping Identity Launches SAML Endpoint Program

Ping Identity Corp. is offering a new end-to-end program designed to help companies speed the rollout of SSO (single sign-on) and identity-enabled Web services between their partners and customers.

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The approach basically lets core customers purchase PingFederate software on behalf of their partners and customers. The program aims to give Ping's enterrpise customers a low-cost and simple was to establish Internet identity connections with trusted parties, Ping officials said.

Under Ping's Identity's Endpoint Program, companies can obtain end-to-end identify security for B2B traffic, and provide partners and even customers with PingFederate without forcing them to manage license agreements, renewals, software upgrades and support, according to Mike Donaldson, Ping Identity's marketing vice president.

"As organizations scale their Internet identity deployments, some have found that the time it takes for their partners to acquire the necessary software becomes a bottleneck," Donaldson said in a statement.

Donaldson cited three (3) main use cases for Ping Identity's Endpoint Program:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for Business Process Outsourcers (BPO)-For enterprises that need to provide Internet Single Sign-On so employees and contractors can access external resources such as BPO vendors, travel applications, partner systems, etc, can purchase Endpoint licenses for their vendors and partners that have not already implemented SAML support.
  • Extranet Single Sign-On for 3rd Parties-For enterprises that need to provide SSO for customers, contractors, partners, dealers, etc., to access internal resources.
  • Identity-Enabling Web Services—For organizations that have invested in Web Services applications and need to extend identity beyond the Web Server to SOAP applications.

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