Quantros Sticks with BEA Weblogic 10 for Web 2.0 Features

One healthcare solution provider says BEA WebLogic 10's support for Web 2.0 is reason enough to stick with BEA for now. Word of Quantros support for BEA follows Oracle's detailed post-buyout BEA roadmap revealed last month.

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One healthcare solution provider says BEA WebLogic 10's support for Web 2.0 is reason enough to stick with BEA for now. News of customer support for BEA WebLogic 10 follows Oracle's post-buyout BEA roadmap last month.

Quantros, a provider of safety and quality products for the healthcare industry, has announced it has adopted BEA Weblogic 10 across its application environment.

The company noted several reasons for its decision to adopt BEA's WebLogic 10 for its Quantros Suite of healthcare-optimized solutions, including for Safety and Risk Management (SRM), Regulatory Reporting Management (RRM), Accreditation and Compliance Excellence (ACE) and Insight.

"The migration to BEA WebLogic 10 is a strategic imperative for Quantros. Our client base includes many of the largest healthcare Integrated Delivery Networks and the features provided by this version of WebLogic will help ensure Quantros applications meet the increasing technology demands within their environments," said Sanjaya Kumar, CEO and CMO for Quantros, in a statement.

Quantros execs cited these BEA WebLogic 10 upgrades as reasons to continue to use BEA for its core offerings:
  • Complete Web 2.0 Compatibility including AJAX native support, and Rich Internet Application (RIA) support enabling use of controls from other enabling applications
  • IPv6 enablement offering benefits such as expanded IP addresses and packet prioritization (a requirement for Federal government accounts)
  • Lightweight Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for increased application performance
  • SOA)support for increased flexibility in business logic adaptation
  • Microsoft .net compatibility for cross platform integration
  • "BEA WebLogic Server 10 is a key component to the overall Quantros
    environment," said Venky Vaddineni, VP of Engineering and System Architect
    for Quantros, in the statement. "Quantros continues to expand its use of Web 2.0 technologies and this migration supports our efforts in providing more and more value
    from our applications."