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2022 TRENDS:

Cloud Architecture

AI/ML, Docker, Cloud Migration, Data Pipelines,
DevOps, Security, Kubernetes, Hybrid Integration


Cloud Architecture Virtual Summit


Okta, InfluxData, OutSystems, Informatica, Progress, WSO2, Teleport, vFunction, Docker


All Sessions Now Available


Docker Informatica InfluxData OutSystems WSO2
Okta Progress Teleport vFunction


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Expert Presentations

Peter McKee, Docker

Peter McKee
Director of Developer Relations & Community


Docker 2022

Chris Psaltis, InfluxData/

Chris Psaltis
CEO & Co-Founder,


How to Gain Visibility into Containers, VM’s and Multi-Cloud Environments
Using Telegraf, InfluxDB and Mist


Sandeep Kathuria, Informatica

Sandeep Kathuria
Software Architect


Why Adapt a Versatile Integration Platform for a Multi-cloud Architecture


Salman Ladha, Auth0

Salman Ladha
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Auth0

Mallory Sword Glenn, Okta

Mallory Sword Glenn
Sr. Product Marketing Manager


The Journey to Loginless:
First Step, Passwordless


Madhu Vulpala, OutSystems

Madhu Vulpala
Director of Product


Cloud Native Application at the Speed of Low Code


Todd Wright, Progress

Todd Wright
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Aaron Burg, Progress

Aaron Burg
Senior Solutions Engineer


More Data – More Problems
How to Manage the Data Deluge Impacting Organizations


Jonathon Canada, Teleport

Jonathon Canada
Sr. Solutions Engineer


Applying Least Privilege in Kubernetes


Samantha Cartwright, vFunction

Samantha Cartwright
VP Global Alliances and Channels


AI for Application Modernization
Accelerate Your Journey To Cloud-Native Architecture


Asanka Abeysinghe, WSO2

Asanka Abeysinghe
Chief Technology Evangelist


Delivering Digital Experiences
Why the Right Platform is Key


White Papers & Analyst Reports


Build Modern and Secure Applications at Scale with Docker Business


Why Time Series Matter when Building IoT, Analytics and Cloud Applications

Tools and Integrations with InfluxDB

Choosing the Right IoT Data Platform: Architecting for IoT


Informatica Cloud Data Integration

Cloud Data Integration for Data and Analytics Modernization

6 Steps to Building Intelligent Cloud Data Warehouses and Data Lakes

Informatica and AWS: Modernizing Your Cloud Data Warehouse and Data Lake

Winning with MultiCloud: How to Drive a Competitive Advantage


Build Trust, Not Barriers: That's the Loginless Future

Move Beyond Passwords

Authentication After Passwords


Integration in the Low-Code, Cloud-Native World

Dramatically Reduce Integration Time and Effort - Integrate OutSystems with Your Ecosystem


How Successful Businesses Thrive in Hybrid Data Environments


A Practical Guide to Secure SSH Access

Best Practices for Secure Infrastructure Access

Access and Security Trade-Offs for DevSecOps Teams


The App Architect's 11-Step Strategic Guide to Digital Transformation

vFunction Datasheet – AI for App Modernization

Intesa Sanpaolo Accelerates Microservice & PaaS Transformation with vFunction

FinServ Uses vFunction’s AI and Automation to Decompose Massive Legacy Java Monolith


Secure Your Web Service APIs End-to-End

API Automation and Scaling