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2020 TRENDS:

Enterprise Architecture

Microservices, Event-Driven, Hybrid & Low Code Integration

 Title:  Enterprise Integration Summit
 Speakers: Software AG, CData, Trend Micro, InfluxData, Red Hat, Talend, ScienceLogic, Okta, Boomi
 Date:  August 27, 2020 (10am PT / 1pm ET - Online)


Red Hat Software AG CData
ScienceLogic Trend Micro Boomi
InfluxData Okta Talend




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Expert Presentations

Myles F. Suer, Boomi

Myles F. Suer
Head, Global Enterprise Marketing


Accelerating Your Data Capabilities For Organizational Growth


Jerod Johnson, CData

Jerod Johnson
Technology Evangelist


Breaking Down Data Silos with Standards-Based Connectivity


Balaji Palani, InfluxData

Balaji Palani
Director, Product Management


Developer Happiness!
How to Extract More from InfluxDB Cloud

James Fang, Okta

James Fang
Director of Product Marketing


Automating Identity Lifecycle Management


Satya Jayanti, Red Hat

Satya Jayanti
Developer Advocate/Evangelist

Red Hat

When to Manage Microservices as a Mesh or as APIs


Ann Marie Bond, Software AG

Ann Marie Bond
Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Software AG

Capturing the Value of Microservices


Rob Maynard, Trend Micro

Rob Maynard
Global Solutions Architect

Trend Micro

API: The Unsung Hero of the DevOps Revolution


Becky Ransdell, Cisco IT

Becky Ransdell
Senior Product Manager: Cisco IT

Vidhi Bhansali, ScienceLogic

Vidhi Bhansali
Product Marketing Director: ScienceLogic


Cisco IT: A Transformational Journey to AIOps with ScienceLogic

Manoj Nagdev, Infosys

Manoj Nagdev
Sr. Technology Architect for Data & Analytics: Infosys

Rob Cornell, Talend

Rob Cornell
Sr. Director of Technology Alliances: Talend


Data Fabric for Hybrid Ecosystems

White Papers & Analyst Reports


Transform Data Into Business Value Faster

How to Cut IT Expense While Sustaining Business Growth and Innovation

Using AI to Discover, Catalog, and Analyze Data at Scale

Boomi AtomSphere - Seamlessly Connect Applications, Data and People

Five Critical Characteristics of an Integration Cloud


Pragmatic API Integration: from SDKs to Data Drivers

GigaOm - Data APIs: Gateway to Data-Driven Operation and Digital Transformation

Build Stickier Cloud Apps: Effective Strategies to Reduce Churn for SaaS Apps


Why Time Series Matters for Metrics, Real-Time Analytics and Sensor Data

Monitoring Kubernetes at Scale and HA with InfluxDB

InfluxDB Cloud on Google Cloud - Faster Innovation and Digital Transformation

Application Performance Monitoring Using Influx Time Series Platform

Metric as a Service Model with InfluxDB


Okta Lifecycle Management Workflows - Automate Without Code

The State of Employee Lifecycle Management

Red Hat

Red Hat Integration - Cloud-Native Connectivity for Apps and Systems

Event-Driven Architecture for a Hybrid Cloud Blueprint

Gain Agility with Red Hat AMQ Streams

Cloud-Native Apache Kafka: Event-Driven Apps with Red Hat

Agile Integration: The Blueprint for Enterprise Architecture


AIOps – A Guide to Operational Readiness

Unlock the Power of AIOps: From Vision to Reality

Software AG

webMethods AppMesh – Add Application Context to Your Microservices

Evolution of Microservices – 7 features to Look for in a Microservices Stack

webMethods Microservices Runtime


3 Steps to Building a Strong Data Integration Strategy

Trend Micro

Four Ways to Get Cloud-Native Smart and Secure

Securing Weak Points in Serverless Architectures

Undertaking Security Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Environments