Enterprise Integration Summit
An Online Conference

January 25

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Title: Enterprise Integration Summit
Date / Time: January 25, 2018
10am PT / 1pm ET - Online Conference

Enterprise Integration Summit is a multi-vendor online event that shows how modern integration technologies are now key enablers for digital business success. Attendees will learn how to deliver fast and reliable success for APIs, Big Data, IoT, SaaS and Mobile.


Attend Online and Learn

  • APIs and iPaaS Deliver the ‘Digital Enterprise’ – Learn how API Management and cloud-based integration are delivering smarter, scalable, easy-to-provision ways to integrate apps and data.
  • Integration + Big Data for Analytics – Explore how F2000s are unlocking big ROI by adding modern integration to their big data, data lake and streaming data architectures.
  • Data Virtualization Gets Data Where It Needs to Be – Data virtualization can provide users a secure, unified and trusted view of business data – without moving data.
  • Modernize Mission-Critical Integration – Extend and modernize legacy mission-critical integration infrastructure (ESBs, SOA, messaging - without breaking a thing.
  • Low Code Platform’s Power of Integration – Successful low-code gives developers quick and easy access to backend assets using APIs, microservices and integration.
  • Integration for Real-Time Apps and IoT – See how new-gen integration will support real-time delivery of high data volumes -- across 1000s (millions) of endpoints.