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VIEW NOW! -  Hear 9 BPM Experts
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Title: BPM-CON
Speakers: IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, Talend, Fujitsu, K2, AgilePoint
Date/Time: VIEW NOW
Speaker Sessions
Business Driven, Accelerated Results

Ajay Khanna

Director of Product Marketing
Reinventing Business Operations with Smarter Process

Brian Safron
WW Marketing Program Dir.

Software Interstage Business Operations Platform: A Foundation for Smart Process Applications

Keith Swenson

Vice President, R&D

Moving Beyond Traditional BPM with Business Applications

Jake Braly

Director Product Marketing

The Next Wave in Open Source BPM from Red Hat

Phil Simpson

Principal Product Marketing Manager

How to Successfully Implement BPM

Pat Pruchnickyj

Director Product Marketing

Mac McConnell
Vice President Marketing

AgilePoint: The Process Platform for Agile Enterprise

Keith Pickerill

Principal Consultant

George Barlow
Vice President, BPM and Cloud Solutions

DOWNLOAD White Papers
  • Smarter Process in the Age of the Customer
  • Oracle BPM Suite 11g: BPM without Barriers
  • Business Process Management Suite
  • BPM Patterns & Practices in Industry
  • Reaching Process Excellence with Oracle Process Accelerators
  • Fujitsu Interstage Business Operations Platform - Archtiecture
  • Fujitsu Interstage Business Operations Platform: Smart Services Grid
  • BPM Plan Features
  • BPM Solutions
  • HBPM Workflow Features
  • JBOSS Enterprise-BRMS
  • JBOSS Enterprise BRMS Value Proposition And Differentiation
  • Workflow, Rules, and CEP Combine to Drive New Business Value
  • Ten Best Practices for BPM Implementation
  • Understanding Business Process Automation
  • Data Services: The Marriage of Data Integration & Application Integration
  • The Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Open Source Data Integration
  • 451 Research on AgilePoint BPM
  • BPMS Balancing Act: Right Fit and Right Features
  • Cross the Chasm: from SharePoint Workflow to Dynamic BPMS with AgilePoint
  • AgilePoint Siemens Case Study